Cane Creek levels

I’m sure that no one has ever been as interested in the levels of Cane Creek at the Cross Timbers Road low water crossing as I have been of late.

Here are the depth measurements we know of:

Saturday, May 7:         2 feet  (approximate)

Sunday, May 8:             2 feet, 6 inches  (approximate)

Tuesday, May 10:        2 feet, 10 inches  (measured)

Wednesday, May 11:   3 feet, 4 inches  (measured)

This has all been in a period of no rain, and I don’t know if it’s crested yet or not.  The forecast for the next few days calls for about a 50% chance of severe thunderstorms.  We are not stupid; we know that it is likely that it will rain during our van’s little sabbatical in Hercules Glade.  We are just praying for God to make a way for the standing water and any additional precipitation to be removed from that particular concrete slab as soon as possible.

The kids did get the van moved higher up yesterday.  They say it’s about ten vertical feet higher than it was.  I told Scott that we should look on the bright side:  We won’t need to rush to get all those outstanding repairs done now.  He replied that we could just forget about the heat shield and just drive it back and forth through the water a few times to cool it off.   = )


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