Symphonic Fun

Thanks to the Branson Arts Council, Andrew and I were able to attend a special concert given by the Springfield Symphony Orchestra at the Andy Williams “Moon River” theater this morning.  It’s a very nice venue.

Each year, and I think this is the fifth year, the Arts Council brings the symphony to town for the benefit of the elementary school kids in the area.  Buses and buses of kids arrive, and I’m guessing they’re mostly about 4th and 5th grade.  The concert is free, and homeschoolers are allowed to attend, too.

Bonnie Herman, the executive director of the Arts Council, with whom I am on a first-name basis after many years of art classes, hands on clay, and children’s theater workshops, told me we should be there at 9:00 AM, which we were.  Howevever, when we arrived, only about 1/4  of the orchestra members were there, and NO kids, except for one other homeschooling family.

It was fun for us, because we got to watch people bring in their instruments and tune them up. Very educational.  Then the kids arrived, and the fun began.  This year’s concert was a series of well-known dance tunes of all styles and from many nations.  Andrew recognized many of them.  He was in his heyday, because, as he said, “I just love classical music!”

Conductor Ron Spigelman, is quite the showman, making the presentation really fun for the audience.  He did a repeat performance of last year’s musical cartoon, which we both really enjoyed.  It was really neat for us to both get to experience a bit of live classical music, and the price was certainly right.  Thank you Arts Council and Springfield Symphony!


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