We’re hoping for fifty

at our Friday Night Light cookout at 5:30 today.  Our family is providing the hamburgers and hot dogs, and other people are supposed to bring two each of:  side dishes, drinks, chips, and desserts.

I gradually accumulated and prepared 100 burger patties in the “preferred by Scott” manner.  They are frozen in bags of ten, ready for Bob to throw on the grill.  I have sliced cheese for about forty of them. I have obtained some 60 (or was it 80?) hot dogs plus a sufficient number of buns in both shapes.

My remaining to-dos include:

~ slice more cheese

~ wash and slice the lettuce and tomatoes

~ slice some onions for burgers and chop some for dogs

~ locate the extra ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles, and relish

~ find all the table cloths

~ collect and set out all the paper goods

~ find a leaf bag for a big trash can

~ help as necessary with yard work

~ clean the windowsills from Todd’s work

~ sweep the office and stairs

~ get someone to buy ice

It should be a fun day!


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