Pictures with my personal tutor

Let’s try again.  I will insert a picture now.  Below is a view of our local creek in winter.

Well, my tutor has instructed me that after the picture I must press “space” and “enter” to get the cursor below the picture.  Eureka!  We have success!  Let’s see if I can do another one.

Scott attacks van's heat shield

Yes, we were parked on a sidewalk in order to get enough clearance for him to scoot under the van without having to jack it up.  Smart guy, huh?

My next attempt will be to make a picture be a bit bigger, going most of the way across the post.  Let’s see. . .

Josiah, Jessica, Scott, and Andrew - Ready to Hit the Slopes!

Well, that “large” setting should perhaps be called gigantic!  I shall now insert the same picture on the “medium” setting.

Josiah, Jessica, Scott, and Andrew - Ready to Hit the Slopes!

All righty.  What I have learned so far is that the flash uploader is MUCH faster than the browser uploader; captions are a good thing; my camera is set to take huge (but therefore nice and clear) pictures; medium pictures are generally too small; I can rotate a picture before I upload it; large pictures are actually gigantic; I can’t change the size of a picture upward after I’ve inserted it; my default procedure needs to be to insert the picture at a large setting, then edit the picture and change it to about 70%; if I type text into the title box, it won’t show up, but if I type it into the caption box it will; and to move the cursor below a picture, I must hit space and then enter.

I think that’s enough to learn for one night.  Now if I can just discipline myself to frequently download my pictures from my camera to my computer, I should be able to include pictures in my blog.

Thanks Danette, and thanks Josiah!


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