A little gardening at last

Today I planted nine tomato plants and four pepper plants.  The tomatoes are in various containers, and the peppers are in the their standard “window” boxes.  All but four of the tomatoes were grown from seeds under my nifty grow lights in the attic.

It’s been SO rainy and then SO cold that I have put off planting them for over a week.  They’ve been sitting on the porch “hardening off,” but I knew I really needed to get them into the ground.  It was warm today (60s) and sunny, so I took the plunge.  Then I heard on the radio that it’s expected to go down into the upper 30s tonight (AARRGGHH!), and in this valley it sometimes goes colder than forecast (double AARRGGHH!).  I sure hope I don’t lose my baby seedlings, after all the time, care, and (we won’t tell Scott how much) money that’s gone into them!


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