And in other flood-related news

Hwy 165 over Table Rock Dam was closed for several days.  I think it’s open now, but will be closing again at 6:00 AM on Tuesday, May 3 to allow for repairs to the downstream face, where some topsoil was washed away in the recent rains.

The Hilton Inn down at the Landing has been closed since Tuesday, when flooding caused it to lose electrical power.  Not sure how much water was in it, but it was evacuated and when I was driving down there on Thursday, there was water lover the road on Branson Landing Blvd at the Hilton, where fire hoses were shooting the pumped water out onto the street.

The fountain at the Landing is under water and will be out of commission for some time, as the electrical room was flooded.

The walkway on the lake side of the Landing is still under water.

Some 50-60 houses, mostly along Lake Taneycomo and in the Turkey Creek area have been flooded now since Monday (it’s Saturday) with several feet of water.

The brown semi-circle of businesses at Turkey Creek are all under water.

The Bass Pro boat dock broke off its moorings Monday night, was re-affixed to the Fish House restaurant, broke loose again, and drifted 10 MILES downstream before it was lassoed and made fast just above the Powersite Dam.

Table Rock Dam has been releasing some 68,000 cubic feet of water per second for a number of days and will continue doing so till the lake is down to (I think) 930 feet.  People have said seeing all those floodgates open looks like Niagara Falls.

Alexander Park and Sunset Park are all under water.  People are using boats to go down the road we drive to get to the frisbee golf course.


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