Georgetown – Fun Stuff

I have given up trying to write chronologically about our trip.  I think it will be easier and faster to post topically instead.  Here are some of the really fun experiences various ones of us have had thus far.

Skiing in gorgeous weather on Monday (Scott, Jessica, Josiah, and Andrew)

Proving that it is possible to coast all the way – that would be 12 miles – from Loveland to Georgetown (Patty)

Seeing bighorn sheep beside the shoulder of the freeway numerous times, generally between Idaho Springs and Empire (all of us)

Locating piano music in the Georgetown Library and checking it out on the honor system (Patty)

Grocery shopping at Safeway (Jessica and Patty)

Organizing our house, food, and supplies (Patty and Jessica)

Exploring Alvarado Cemetery (Jessica and Patty)

The grand bike excursion from Georgetown down to North Spring Gulch Road AND from Bakerville down to Georgetown (Scott, Josiah, Jessica, and Andrew road bikes; Patty followed in the “pilot car.”)

Climbing to and exploring the mine shaft – Andrew actually climbed into it and brought back some souvenir ore!  (Jessica, Josiah, Scott and Andrew)

A half-day of snow boarding (Scott)

Hitting the jumps on Tempest!  (Andrew and Scott)

Driving up North Spring Gulch Road and especially driving up Trail Creek Road  (Patty and Jessica)

Walking through the museum in the Idaho Springs visitor center (Jessica and Patty)

Playing on computers (Josiah, Andrew, Jessica)

First crochet lesson.  There is hope!  (Patty)

Driving up Guanella Pass Road, even though we could only go four miles to the near end of Clear Lake  (Jessica, Josiah, Andrew, Patty, and Scott)

Our traditional snowball fight at the turn-around on Guanella Pass Road  (Scott, Josiah, Jessica)

Driving up Guanella Pass Road AGAIN and taking color pictures to replace the ones mistakenly shot in B&W!  (Patty)

Talking with a nice lady in the Georgetown visitor center who was very friendly and answered a lot of questions about Guanella Pass Road, water supply, and electrical power generation.  Also getting a delicious donut there!  (Patty)

Wandering about town and taking pictures (Patty)

Doing no chores (Josiah, Patty, Andrew)

Seeing mountain goats by the shoulder of I-70  (Patty and Andrew)




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