Let it SNOW!

This is the second day of our ski vacation, and we are safely ensconced in a wonderful HOUSE in Georgetown. We’re on Buckeye Circle in a rather odd, but much more than adequate house that has probably been around for a while and has endured some updating through the years.  First, a bit of blurb about our trip.

We have learned that it takes us about 15 hours to drive to Georgetown.  This is due in part to the fact that I take a diuretic twice a day (read:  bathroom stops every 30 minutes for an hour-and-a-half in the morning and in the afternoon); in part to the tendency of the gas tank to need filling at times other than bathroom breaks; in part to the our family members all getting hungry for breakfast (read:  McDonalds or Wendy’s – breakfast out being a treat we reserve exclusively for vacations) at different times; in part to our unique ability when traveling to forget certain essential items and/or tasks and then need to find a wi-fi hotspot to get online to deal with those mistakes; and in part to our great desire to stop for supper somewhere in Denver.  I am pretty sure that if we chose to eat breakfast at one time and place, got our gas at bathroom stops even if the tank was over one-eighth, and made some written lists and looked at them before leaving home, we could do it it fourteen hours flat.  However, since we’ve done this Colorado vacation thing now at least five times, and since we’ve managed to spend fifteen hours on the road each time, I think I’m going to resign myself to saying that’s how long it takes.

This trip has thus far been a summary of things we forgot.  Here is a short list:

* The videos we checked out of the library to watch in the evenings – but we realized that only five miles from home so we went back and got them  = )

* Sunscreen

* The 2 Colorado Gem cards we bought to get us a discount on lift tickets

* Mayonnaise & mustard packets

* A pen

* The Alleve for Josiah’s ankle

* The Claritin for Jessica’s sinus infection

* Josiah’s thermals, sweats, and hat

* The “treasure trove” stuff for the car ride

However, in our defense, Jessica and I figured out that the reason we forgot so much stuff (and trust me, there was a lot more) was that we had no time before the trip to make a list!  We literally worked non-stop up till 11:00 PM the night before we left and then got up at 4:45 AM to hit the road.  If we had been able to make a list, I think we would’ve remembered a lot more stuff, but the good thing about forgetting so much is that the van wasn’t so crammed full.  = )

It’s SNOWING here!


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