One malted milk, coming right up

Our bedroom is almost completely painted.  All that remains is the inside of our bedroom door, which will be completed in a couple of days.

It’s really hard to convey how long, how diligently, and with what precision, Dave has worked on this painting job.  He is like a machine – he never tires, and his work is as precise at the end of the day as it was at the beginning.  He also paints perfectly straight lines without using any tape.  Amazing!

The hallway is completely painted and it is beautiful.  To set off the gorgeous paint  job, tonight Rex and Sue brought back and installed our new (actually probably more like 75-year-old) cedar-stained-maple banisters.  With the paint and banisters, our stairwell looks like something out of a magazine!  The only picture that is back up is the massive landscape one that you can only see as you head down the stairs.  We haven’t even had time to talk about which of all the other pictures to hang back up where.

The inside of the front door was not painted, because we plan to have that door replaced.  It’s been a cantankerous door for lo these fourteen years.  Although we have gotten used to not having a key for it, the fact that it now won’t even close all the way is a source of on-going frustration.

We’re in the process of having some major upgrades done as part of an energy audit.  There are a number of rebates involved that will cover a lot of the cost of making our home (supposedly) more energy efficient.  That whole thing is really another story, but while Dave was here painting today, Brett and his dad were here tearing out our old attic heating and cooling unit and replacing it (the interior part) with a new one and some new duct work.  It’s a good thing Brett’s not claustrophobic.   He spent a lot of time today with his six-foot-five-inch frame folded into the crawl space next to Katie’s bedroom.  He and his dad also made approximately 764 trips up and down to the third floor with nary a grumble.

But as I was saying about the front door.  It’s the only part of the hall area that wasn’t painted.  We had to get permission from some government entity to replace our own front door!!!  In the house we just paid OFF (praise God)!!!  It’s a 97-year old house, and even though it’s not on the National Register of Historic Places, we’re not allowed to replace our own doors or windows without permission.  Maybe it’s because we’re getting these rebates?  Our stimulus package at work?  Anyway, once Scott got that cleared, he retained Todd to replace the door.  It’s more complicated than it sounds – everything associated with This Old House is more complicated than it sounds – because he’s going to try to replace it with the same kind of wooden door we have now; except that the new one will close, and have a key, and stuff like that.  He’ll even take out the glass and put those same panes in the new door.  The kids and I like that idea.  We’re kind of partial to some of the quirks about our house, including the wavy glass in some of our windows.

We’re so very pleased with Dave’s work, and find myself over and over just walking through the Cottage Cream hall (and now the Malted Milk bedroom), just to look at the pretty paint job.


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