It ended on the roof

‘Twas yet another full day at the Roberts house, or perhaps it would be more accurate to describe it as a full day for our family.  It started with meetings of all kinds.

Actually, it started when, AFTER a late night of Human Clue at 5th Quarter, Jessica, Josiah, and Andrew intended to leave at 8:15 AM for some Adventures in Odyssey taping with the Browns.  That departure was delayed by a family meeting (which followed a Scott and Andrew meeting) concerning a situation with him (Andrew) and some other kids.

I began working on the Friday Night Light announcements.  My good friend, Sue, has been sending out the announcements each week via Constant Contact, and she has does an outstanding job of collecting and organizing all the necessary information and making the announcements look great.  Yesterday, I met with her for a training session, since I will be taking over this task in the coming weeks, as her family relocates to Delaware.  This is, of course, a great gain for Delaware and a HUGE loss for us, but today is not a day for tears.  (Jessica and I endeavor to schedule our crying, you know.)  Because Sue explained everything so clearly and had printed out instructions for me and even created a CD with all the information I could ever want or need, it went well, but being my first time to do it, it took quite a while.

Then, while our kids were gone, we met with the parents of the other kids.

Ours came home, we all wolfed down some lunch, and the other family returned for a meeting between the two full families.  I believe that all those meetings were productive, but since I am meeting-averse in general, my bag was over.

Scott, Josiah, and Jessica then flew out the door for Josiah’s birthday bowling party off in the next county.  It’s a good half hour drive away, and they were supposed to meet the rest of the gang out there at 3:00 PM.  They left the  house at 2:55 PM.  Andrew finished the lunch clean-up and went out to play.  BTW, when I called him in around 6:00 PM, he came from the Ipock’s yard.  I asked him what they’d been playing and he said, “cooking show.”  Fun kid.

I returned to my desk and spent a completely inordinate amount of time trying to compile all the church contact information into one form.  This is, by definition, impossible, but I gave it the old college try.  The problem was that Sue had given me a lovely spreadsheet that had almost all the information I had.  All I needed to do was to add my information in, but it seems that my additional buts of information were scattered all over my computer, in documents call things like “contact info,” “family info,” attenders,” etc.  Not only that, but my email addresses (which included a few Sue didn’t have and lacked a few she did have) were in my gmail contacts list, but not necessarily in the Constant Contacts list.  Then there was the matter of birthdays and anniversaries, many of which I have in a personal spreadsheet, but they are by month instead of by name, so someone could’ve shot some very funny video of me talking to myself as I reviewed a printout and said things like, “I know Joshua’s birthday’s on here somewhere.”

I finally called it quits, realizing that even if I DO manage to get names, cell phones, email addresses, home phones, birthdays, and anniversaries on one spreadsheet, it will have to be updated tomorrow when someone’s cell phone number changes (had three of those yesterday) or when someone’s email address changes (had two of those today).  When it’s a cell phone, I need to change it on the Attenders spreadsheet and in my own cell phone.  When it’s an email change, I need to change it on the Attenders spreadsheet, in my gmail list, and in Constant Contact.  As you can see, this COULD morph into a very time-consuming little position.  It’s clear that we should have doubled Sue’s salary a long time ago.

When I found myself going cross-eyed looking at my monitor, I did some straightening of the first floor in preparation for Josiah’s party phase two.  In so doing, I realized that we would need to bring all that ice cream we bought (he wanted Papa John’s pizza and ice cream) and have it in the upstairs freezer, which was crammed to the gills with freezer meals, odd breakfast items, and some chicken, so I made a bunch of trips to the cellar to put that stuff away.

Once that was done (at about 5:15 PM), I began the regular Saturday cleaning that I usually do between 9:00 and 11:00 AM:  sheets and towels laundry, changing our sheets, dusting and sweeping our room, sweeping the office, 2nd floor hall, and stairs (well, I didn’t actually get to the stairs yet), and cleaning our bathroom.  The reward for finishing all that was a couple slices of pizza, and an opportunity to join the gang (Josiah, Dave, Scott, Courtney, Alex, Emily, Jessica, and Cody) for a rousing game of Guesstures – which Jessica won, and in which I told Dave that I thought the only way to get people to guess “hydrant” would be to involve a dog.

Ice cream followed, and then I asked Josiah, “so what are you going to do next; climb on the playroom roof?” And so they did!  Four guys and three girls on the roof in the dark.  Quite fun.

I did the dishes and left the kids playing pool and Dave and Scott talking in the living room to tackle the pile on my desk.  However, I got caught up in trying to organize the church files on my computer.  I was trying to delete unnecessary stuff and rename more logically what remained.  Now it’s 10:00 PM, and I still haven’t even started the couple hours I need to flip, plan, and prep Andrew’s academics, or the forty-five minutes I need to do Josiah’s. In addition, we have a group here tomorrow night, so there’s cleaning to be done and a dessert to be make.  And I need to make bread.

As I mentioned, it’s been a full day, but it’s been good.  I got great pictures of the birthday gang on the roof!



It started with some meetings

First Scott and son, then


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