Jessica’s grand achievements!

On Tuesday, February 15, Jessica took the American History (pre-Civil War) CLEP test and scored a whopping 69!!!  The scoring is hard to figure out, but she passed with a very high score and will receive college credit for that class.  Yee-hah!

Actually, today she and I did some high-level figuring on the refrigerator and determined the following:

The test had 120 questions.

80 is a perfect score, meaning you answered all 120 questions correctly.

You have to score 54 (out of 80) to pass GO and collect college credit.

Although it’s evident that neither of us can successfully divide 6480 by 80, we did eventually figure out that you have to get 81 of the 120 questions (a mere 67%) correct in order to pass.  However, our heroine’s “69” indicates that she  got 103 of them correct for a score of 86%.  Not too shabby, especially considering that (A) it had been a long time – maybe three years? – since she’d studied American History, (B) she only studied a month for the test, and (C) she put together her own study plan – four hours a day! – and did it all without any help or input for anyone.  GO JESSICA!

As if all that weren’t enough to make a homeschool mom beam, in today’s mail, Jessica received notice from MSU that she was awarded the Provost Scholarship!!!  That’s the scholarship for which she met all the qualifications, but for which she was late in applying, and for which she submitted letters and had an interview requesting a deadline exemption.  It will provide $2500 per year her freshman year and is renewable for three more years, assuming she completes 30 hours of courses at MSU per year and maintains a 3.40 GPA.

We were squealing with delight!  I am so happy for Jessica and so proud of these accomplishments!!!


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