Survey says. . .

. . . that the lump in the arch of my left foot is the beginnings of a deep plantar wart.  The preferred line of attack was to have Dr. Gordin freeze it.  She came at me with a can of freon to which was affixed a long nozzle.  She dubbed this, “my medieval torture device,” and, having now experienced two prolonged blasts of said, I can safely say that it was accurately named.  I guess I now know what frostbite feels like.  Yeeeowww!

It hurt at the time, and two minutes later it hurt quite a bit more, but ten minutes after that, the pain had completely subsided.  I thought that was the end of it, but no.  When I donned my walking shoes this morning, my left arch screamed something that I’m sure should not be repeated in polite company.  I told him to hush and took him and his friend, my right foot, out to walk.  He was quite vocal throughout that speedy jaunt, but I did manage to get through my 1.5 miles.

This afternoon I had the Wal-Mart run to end all Wal-Mart runs.  I KNOW better than to go in there during the afternoon, but I did it to save a trip tomorrow.  Sigh.  I was in there from 3:15 PM to 4:45 PM, and I covered 38% of the non-grocery aisles plus all the grocery aisles except liquor and cleaning supplies – many of them more than once.   Have you ever looked for Velveeta in a Wal-Mart super center?  It’s not by the cheese.  It’s not with the Ro-Tel.  In fact, as best as I could tell, it wasn’t anywhere, although I was fairly sure that people in Branson really do buy Velveeta at Wal-Mart.

So I wandered around on Mr. Complaining Arch for a while longer, seeking any Wal-Mart employee who might be able to direct me to Velveeta.  It’s a sure thing that around 4:20 PM, ALL the Wal-Mart employees either go on break or go home, because I couldn’t find any – except the lady running the fitting room, and I really didn’t want to hobble all the way back over there to have her tell me that she doesn’t work in grocery.  I finally found a man pushing a produce cart, and he WAS able to direct me to Velveeta.  For the record, it’s housed with spaghetti sauce.  Go figure.

Having procured the greatly anticipated meltable cheese substitute, I headed to produce to obtain lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, green onions (which I forgot), onions, bananas (they’ve been $0.49 per pound for months, and today the sign said, “Low price:  $0.52 per pound!), pears, apples, and oranges.  Between bananas and pears, who should I run into but the Llama and the Lemur!  I had asked the former to retrieve the latter from volleyball class, because I knew I’d be tied up in Wal-Mart.  They took one look at my huge cart and ran off; leaving me to do the checkout shuffle and subsequent trunk load alone.

By the time I got home – and to their credit they did (with Jessica) unload it and put it all away – I was totally wiped out and Mr. Arch was saying those unmentionable words again.  I made a salad and got the rest of supper on the table.  Thankfully, I did not have supper clean up tonight, so I have been sitting at my desk, slowly knocking out tasks.  However, it’s now time to stand up and go downstairs.  I think the Arch will feel much better now, having had a little rest.

Here’s to standing and walking!


having traipsed up and down all over the place on my (by that time) very sore left arch, I finally asked the only



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