Furrier courier

One of the families in our church lives next door, and right now they don’t have internet service at home.  Every Wednesday, I send out an email reminder to all the people who will be serving during the service Friday night – usher, children’s church, nursery, clean-up, etc.  Since I can’t email the reminder to the Fringers right now, I print a copy of the email and somebody (usually a kid, but sometimes I) walks it over to them.

Yesterday the high temp was something like 15 degrees, and although I did do my walk and pray thing in the morning, I really had no desire in the late afternoon to hike next door, through the snow, in the wind, to deliver this piece of paper.  However, the kids had gone out to play.  After trying our hill and finding it less than optimal, they had gone walking and had ended up down at the Asselin’s house, where they had found a nifty sled hill AND had been treated to hot chocolate and brownies.  Can’t beat that!

I noticed that Josiah (a.k.a. The Llama) was walking back home along Coffee Road, so I hung my head and upper torso out the laundry room door.  The laundry room egress sports both a major inner door and a minor outer door.  The inner one is all solid wood.  The outer one is wood on the bottom, and it used to be glass on the top.  But a few years ago, the glass broke, so we just used needle nose pliers to pull all the shards out of the wood frame and left the door as a half door, so to speak.  I leaned out, waved the paper, and called for the Llama to please come carry it next door for me.  After all, he was already suited up with coat, hat, gloves, and boots.  It would be a small act of service for such a beast.

He circled around, so as not to ruin the lovely snow in the side yard, took the paper, and delivered it as requested, but as he went, he called to me over his shoulder, “maaaaaa!  Llama Courier Service!”  Then, when he returned home, he informed me that Llama Courier Service would gladly deliver papers or packages, but that there was a fee for such services.  Aacckk!  I would have to fork over $10 per delivered page and $25 per delivered package!  Wait a minute.  Those prices were highway robbery!

Scott overheard this conversation and dryly remarked, “Yes, and we need to calculate stabling charges for llamas, too.”    = )   At that, a little gleam of insight pricked my gray matter and I said, “HA!  He’s the FURRIER COURIER!”  I thought that was “kinda’ clever, hehe.”


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