Frigid facts

It was 8 degrees here this morning.  It was also rather windy.

Our road (a state highway) was dry and clear this afternoon, having been plowed quite a bit today, but Highway 65 (a U.S. highway) was snow-covered, as were all the exit ramps are snow-covered.  Someone explain this logic, please.

Our church in Springfield canceled its Wednesday night service.  That church has NEVER canceled a service in the eight years we’ve been there.  In fact, the church bookkeeper, who has been there since dirt (maybe close to 20 years) said this is the first time SHE’s ever known a service to be canceled.  There must be an awful lot of snow in Springfield!

Scott drove partway to work, and seeing Highway 65 snow-covered, turned around and came back to work from home.

One mom and four kids can almost push one Honda up one slightly inclined driveway.  Almost, but not quite.

It’s cold in our house today.  Each night, one of us gets to take a nice hot bath.  Last night was Jessica’s turn.  Maybe it will be my turn tonight.  = )



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