Figured out what I want

It was after Jessica and I cleaned out one third of the top shelf of the china cabinet.  We tackled our fine china, the lovely stuff that may have been used once twenty-three years ago.   One of the many reasons it just sits in there and collects dust – by the way, the top plate on each stack was so dusty that it was a different color from the next one down – is that we have such a strange number of pieces.  In addition to a bunch of cups, saucers, dessert, and salad plates, we do have seven dinner plates, so maybe. . .

Anyway, we did what we set out to do on that cabinet, including unearthing ONE place setting of our silver-plate.  It was BLACK!  What a chemistry experiment!  Josiah said it looked like someone had taken a torch to it.  = )  He also wanted to see if hydrochloric acid would dissolve the tarnish, but I successfully suppressed my innate homeschool-mom-love-to-learn tendencies and forbade that.

So it was about bedtime and I ate an orange but wanted something else.   I didn’t want to eat anything more till I figured out what it was.  I stood in the kitchen for a moment, pondering my craving, and I finally figured out what I wanted:  a big hot pretzel from Mr. Dunderbak’s in McCain mall, slathered with port wine cheese spread.  Ahhhhh!

We didn’t have any of those in the house, so I dipped a pretzel rod and cheese dip and called it good enough, but it was very satisfying to put my finger precisely on my yen.

We’re expecting up to 12 inches of snow in the next 15 hours!!!  Rejoice with us!!!


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