VOM trip a success

Jessica, Josiah, Andrew, and 15 other folks from our Friday Night Light congregation spent the past four days on an extended service project to the Voice of the Martyrs ministry in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

It was Andrew’s first mission trip and, despite a few challenges, he did well.  For the most part, he had a good attitude and worked hard.  He also kept the guy’s apartment neatly arranged, sometimes to the chagrin of the other fellows.  = )

Jessica drove there and back, taught two messages, and coordinated all the cooking, in addition to working her shifts.  She told me about some of the truly nifty equipment they have for wrapping and strapping.  I heard from others that she did a GREAT job with the meals and that her second message, in particular, was AWESOME!  BTW, she fed 18 people three times a day for three days, under budget and with some food left over.  WOW.

Josiah is home, and I saw him briefly last night and again briefly this morning before he left for work.  I haven’t yet heard from him about the trip, but our neighbor, Bob, said, “I did have to kick him a bit to get him up in the mornings, and you know, he’s really meticulous about things – like about some of us who snore or mumble in the night. . . ”  I told Bob maybe Josiah will get meticulous about his room, too.   = )

All in all, it sounds like the trip was great for our team of young people to bond together, work together, and accomplish something significant for the Kingdom.  A worthy investment, for sure.


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