So, we are hearing more and more lately about our tax dollars at work to do things that no one wants or needs done.  The latest in this saga would be our new mile markers on Highway 65.

One day this week, I was tooling along north from Branson, headed home with some kid(s) in the van, when Jessica said, “Since when do we have mile markers every two-tenths of a mile?  And why do we need mile markers every two-tenths of a mile, anyway?”  I glanced at the shoulder, and sure enough, there was a marker every two-tenths of a mile.  I wondered aloud, “Now, do you think those are really new, or have they been here for ten years and I just never noticed them?”

There was neon hot pink paint around the base of each one, so we decided that they were indeed new, but the question of, “Why?” lingereth.  In exactly which scenario would it be vitally important to know that you were (for example) stranded, “at mile marker 119.4,” as opposed to, “between mile markers 119 and 120?”  Actually, if I were stranded and calling for help on 65 between 76 and 160, I’d say something like, “I’m about a mile north of F Highway,” or, “I’m stuck between F and Emory Creek,” or, “I’m just south of the 160 exit.”

Maybe the goal is to have a mile marker in sight and readable to any individual 20/20 vision at any given spot on along the highway, so that no one will have to think about where he is.  Maybe it’s to aid emergency vehicles.  In any case, if I could figure out how to research it, and if I were a gambling woman, I’d bet my health care reform benefits that those two-tenths of a mile markers are directly funded by our friendly neighborhood stimulus package.  I wonder which of our elected officials brought home THAT bacon to Missouri.


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