Birds of a feather

I saw a great blue heron this morning, and those guys always make me catch my breath.  He was so majestic, so big, and just so very right in front of me as he rose over the bridge that I was stunned and joyful.

But he wasn’t the only bird I spied today.  Just past Roxanne’s house on the far side of the road, there’s a cow pasture.  It’s actually a long, skinny plot of land shoved between the highway and the creek, and since it curves along the road, the far end of it is out of sight around the horseshoe bend.  That means that sometimes there are cows in the pasture, but I can’t see them.

So as I motored along in front of the church, I saw some black lumps in the pasture, and I couldn’t figure out what they were.  They were hunched over toward the ground kind of like buffalo, but they were much too small to be buffalo.  They couldn’t be cows, either, because they were the wrong color.  The cows in that pasture are brown, and these guys were nearly black.  As I got a little closer, it dawned on me that they were birds.  Big birds.  But what kind of big birds?  The biggest birds I could think of were crows, but these were a lot larger than crows.

The mystery stymied and compelled me.  I HAD to figure out what those bird-lumps were.  To that end, I kept walking along the highway, past the end of the shoulder where I usually turn around.  I crossed to the pasture side to get a closer look, and, lo and behold, I realized that the bird-lumps were TURKEYS!  And there were FOURTEEN of them!  And they were just grazing or pecking or doing whatever fourteen turkeys do in a cow pasture on a drizzly day, so I stood and watched them for quite a while.  Indeed, had I had my phone with me, I probably would have called Bob to see if he hunts turkeys, as well as deer; although, I don’t know if it’s turkey season, and in any case, standing on the highway and shooting one to fourteen turkeys on someone else’s land is probably illegal – an, in Walnut Shade, might get one shot!

Therefore, I just watched and waited, and eventually turned around to head back, stepping sideways off the pavement and twisting my ankle as I did so.  Some five hours later, the ankle is rather uncomfortable, but it was worth it just to see fourteen turkeys in a cow pasture on Christmas Eve.


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