Well, all the Christmas prep is done that is going to get done, so now I am relaxing!  We have a pretty full schedule the next several days, but it’s going to be memorable and fun.  Ruth arrived tonight, and the kids (Jessica, Josiah, and Ruth) made it home from the Fayetteville airport about 8:30 PM.  They got lost once, only because Jessica was driving – which meant that Josiah was navigating, and while his computer skills, writing skills (minus spelling), and even algebra skills are all fairly decent, his map-reading skills leave something to be desired.  Although he is currently doing a world geography course, I guess even that wouldn’t have been of great help in the wilds of northwest Arkansas.

A funny:  On the way home, they wound through long stretches of rural territory in pitch-black darkness.  Ruth said, “If you were in China in a place like that with no lights, you would be LOST!  There’s nowhere in China that dark!”


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