Bob the builder; yes, he can

The van started jerking on our way to North Little Rock for Thanksgiving.  It got really bad, so we stopped in Harrison, where the AutoZone guy hooked a gizmo to the under-dash thing and told us that cylinder three was mis-firing.  It wasn’t dangerous, it would just be rough and get poor gas mileage, and a bottle of fuel injector cleaner through through the gas tank couldn’t hurt.  It didn’t hurt, and a few days later, just about the time that Scott was trying to arrange to get it to a mechanic for repairs, the jerking quit.  We were fine for about two-and-a-half weeks, and then it suddenly started jerking again.

Well, it was due for an oil change, and the guy at Jiffy Lube said that it could be several things, most of which they don’t touch:  the spark plugs, the spark plug wires, or dirty or damaged fuel injectors.  He suggested a thorough fuel system cleaning, which they do do, and which he did.  He warned me that he couldn’t say if it would stop the jerking, because that depended on what was causing it.  If it were caused by dirty fuel injectors, it would help a lot.

It didn’t help at all, so I cried, “jerk, jerk, jerk,” all the way home.  The next (relatively inexpensive) tree to bark up would be the spark plugs and spark plug wires.  Our neighbor and good friend, Bob, (that’s Bob who can fix anything – he may be related to our other good neighbor friend, Bill, who can also fix anything) offered to do the work.  We’d rather pay him than someone else, because he’s a super guy and things have been tight for their family lately.  He also gives us a good deal.  = )

So Bob tackled the spark plugs and wires one evening, and when he was done, it still jerked just the same.  But he thought maybe it was the coil (distributor coil?) and said if we could get the part, he could easily change it out.  However, it was seven minutes till 8:00 PM, and the auto parts place (10 miles away) closes at 8:00 PM.  We HAD to have the car, jerking or not, early the next morning, so the situation was somewhat desperate.

Bob called the auto parts place and asked if they had the part (yes) and would they wait 15 minutes for us to get there (no) so was there any way for us to get the part that night (perhaps).  Now get this.  Scott called there and gave the guy his credit card number.  The guy rang up the order and billed our credit card.  Then he told Scott where he’d leave the part outside the store!  Which Scott told Bob, and Bob went and got the part, brought it back, put it in, and came to the door all greasy to announce that the van no longer jerked!  And he was right!  It’s smooth as silk now – well, maybe smooth as burlap, but it doesn’t jerk at all!!!  Bob was blessed to have the work and we’re blessed to be able to drive without risking whiplash.

Not only is the van jerk-free, it has clean fuel injectors and new spark plugs and wires.  And we didn’t even have to play musical cars to get it to a mechanic.


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