Over three HOURS?!?!?

Today’s question is, “Why, in the name of all that is holy, would it take me three hours and ten minutes to do one week’s worth of ironing?”  Especially when it was only Scott’s work/church clothes (read: four shirts max) and Josiah’s work clothes (read: two pairs of pants and two shirts).

Well, there was also the issue of Andrew’s approaching his major growth spurt.  He played in a piano recital at a nursing home on Sunday, and I noticed as we walked in to the place that, although his jacket fit him well (it was missing a button, but no one had told me that and there was nothing I could do about it anyway), his pants were about an inch too short.  Sigh.  That was a little embarrassing, but again, nothing could be done, so the show went on.  He looked dashing and played as well.

On Monday, as I began tackling the ironing, I remembered Andrew’s short pants and went into the playroom to see if by chance we had any 14 slims stashed away.  Eureka!!!  We had one pair each of khaki, navy, and black!  The navy was brand new and had glue residue from the tag down one hip, and it was missing a button (is that a theme for me this week?), so I tossed them in the laundry basket, but I did iron the other two.  BTW, Andrew now has to buy all his clothes out of his twice-a-month disbursement, so he should be REALLY happy about that find.

However, even when you add in two pairs of pants for Andrew, it shouldn’t have taken all THAT long to do the ironing.  It turns out that the real issue was the overgrowth from Josiah’s room.  You see, he tends to leave clothes (clean, dirty, or unknown) piled in and around baskets on his bedroom floor, and we all know what happens when you leave two of anything alone together overnight.

By Monday morning, there had appeared on the hanging bar in the laundry room – where I require things to be in order for me to iron them – no fewere than SIX shirts of Josiah’s plus a pair of his pants.  Well.  My extended excursion at the ironing board was beginning to make some sense.  Evidently the Llama had not brought down anything to be ironed the week before, then left his couple of shirts that did need ironing, shall we say, injudiciously positioned on his bedroom floor, and when he collected them for transport to the laundry room, they had indeed multiplied.

Oy.  But there is good news for Ye Ole Chinese Washerwoman:  maybe this means that next week there will be NOTHING of Josiah’s to iron. . . and the following week it will be Jessica’s turn to iron.  Daughter in view.  Oh, the joy!


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