Katie will be home for Thanksgiving in less than a week, and I have her on my mind and in my heart.  With a nod to her successful completion of four semesters of college Latin and her present role as teacher of Latin to two young homeschoolers,we provide the above exclamation of joy relative to Josiah’s Sonlight Core 100 (American History in Depth):  It is finished!

That’s right, sports fans and geeks far and wide.  Josiah has FINISHED Core 100, including all the writing assignments (weekly assignments, current events reports, and two research papers) and all the history and literature reading assignments.  In addition to reading a 10-volume lower-level treatise on U.S. history and a 200+ page poetry book, he read some 50 additional books, including biographies, historical fictions, non-fictions, and other miscellaneous fictions.

Of course, it is to be remembered that his older sisters both did likewise – and, I might add, with significantly less (that is to say, no) input from their mother, but they did not face the same constellation of challenges in so doing that Josiah did.  While it is true that he pulled a great deal of his hair over the past year, only a small fraction of it actually came out.  And, while I certainly possess more gray hairs than I did when we started this wonderful core on December 2, 2009, Josiah and I still generally like each other.

So, mission accomplished, and by the way, he received for his efforts an A in US history, an A in American Literature, and an A in Composition.  Next task on the agenda:  complete Saxon Algebra 2 before Thanksgiving break.


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