Should be practicing, but

I’m not.

Our piano studio’s fall Hymn Festival is this coming Wednesday morning. I will be playing two hymns from a hymnal and one richly harmonized hymn arrangement.  (Read:  many accidentals and tricky to play.) Today is Saturday and I am not ready.  I have not practiced much at all this week, although I’ve had good excuses for that.   Well, I’ve actually had SOME time, but I’ve chosen to use it in getting caught up on a number of other things, including massive academic planning, getting most of the way through a mountain of ministry-related deskwork and correspondence, wrapping and packing a shoebox, taking a long hot shower, and once AGAIN sorting through the pile of miscellaneous stuff that seems to reproduce exponentially on my dresser.

There have also been a few tugs at heartstrings lately (and when those stings yank, I tend not to practice the piano for some reason).  My mom had the audacity to turn 76 this week.  How on earth did she do THAT?!?  I miss our resident peacock and have been thinking about the various challenges she is going through.  I heard a great message at church that challenged me to make adjustments in some areas, but I’m not sure how to move forward on those.

Then, just a few minutes ago, I realized that it’s fall back day (yippee!), so I took my trusty cell phone and wandered the premises changing all the clocks I could find.  The peskiest one is the clock radio in the kitchen.  I don’t have instructions for it (and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to find them), so I took several stabs at re-setting it by pressing various buttons with labels like “clock” and “hour” and “DSL, ” all to no avail.  Whenever I released a button, the display zapped right back to 4:29 PM, even though I had clearly set it to 3:29 PM.  Oh, well.  Probably one of my geekish techno-boys will be able to figure out how to re-set it.  It wouldn’t really matter, except that the display is so darn huge.  Even I can see it from way across the room.  It is a clock display to be reckoned with, and honestly, it would truly bug me to spend the next five months having the wall clock and microwave clock say one thing and the monster radio say something an hour later.

Maybe I should just go practice the piano.   = )


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