Title comes to life

It’s gotten cooler here lately.  Actually, it was a lot cooler for several days (lows in mid-30s, highs in upper 50s), but now we’re back to lows in the 50s and highs in the 80s.  Heavenly temps if you ask me.  What it all means is that the trees are just beginning to turn.  Some of them have that “sun-kissed” orangey-pink glow just around the upper edges, and the paper birch outside our bedroom window now sports a lot of bright yellow leaves among the green ones.

It’s the season when it’s harder than usual to keep the porch looking decent, what with all the little seedy, polleny, leafy stuff being blown all over it all the time, and the cooler temps have caused another annual event – walnuts on my windshield.  Yes, we’re back to spatters of tree sap (or is it walnut juice?) all over the van, and one very chilly 35-degree morning this week – let’s see. . . I think it would have been October 6 – there was a nice green walnut (with its associated foliage) perched on the driver’s side of the van’s windshield, right on top of the wiper.  I did take a picture, just before Andrew and I headed into town, and the walnut it did stay wedged there for almost a mile before finally tumbling off.  He pulled he leaves out from under the wiper when we got to our piano teacher’s house.

Ah, walnuts on my windshield.  Life is good.


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