Wild West vacation (#22, etc.)

Dear Jessica,

22.  That first night at Maswik Lodge, we did something that vaguely resembled sleep, off and on, till Dad gave up around 5:00 AM.

23.  Did I mention that it was HOT in that room?

24.  The south rim of the Grand Canyon features a nifty free shuttle bus service that via four color-coded routes can eventually transport you some 15 or 20 miles back and forth along the rim.

25.  The place where Dad and Josiah were going to start their hike down (via the South Kaibab Trail) was several miles away (to the east) from our lodge.  You cannot drive a private vehicle to that trail head.

26.  There is a visitor center some 1-2 miles east of our lodge.  All the various colored shuttle bus routes converge there.

27.  The blue route goes from Maswik to the visitor center.

28.  The green route goes from the visitor center  to the South Kaibab trailhead.

29.  For most of the day, most of the buses run every 10-15 minutes.

30.  Before 7:00 AM, the green route buses run every 30 minutes.

31.  Dad wanted to be at the trailhead to start hiking at 6:00 AM, b/c he knew it would quickly get VERY hot as the descended into the canyon.

32.  There would be an eastbound green bus leaving the visitor center at 6:00 AM.

33.  Having scrambled, primarily in the dark, to locate and load their necessities (in the small, cramped, hot room), we four left Maswik Lodge in the van at 5:45 AM to drive to the visitor center.  Dad drove.

34.  We arrived at the visitor center at 5:55 AM.  We unloaded the packs, etc. and waited at the bus stop for the green shuttle, which arrived promptly at 6:00 AM.

35.  However, as we were sitting there, Dad was adjusting his pack and looking through stuff and he exclaimed, “WHERE’S MY CELL PHONE?!?!?”  This was a major problem, as he needed the phone to be able to call me and let me know when and where they expected to come up.

(to be continued)


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