Wild West Vacation #13 +

Dear Jessica,

13.  It’s a long drive to the Grand Canyon.

14.  You go through more scrubby land and then some tall pine trees, but you drive north for over an hour on a two-lane road, and there is nothing to indicate that at the end of the road there’s one of the most glorious holes on earth.

15.  It’s a national park (read: fee area), so you have to pay just to enter the park.  Most national parks seem to be a flat fee per vehicle, but some are a fee per person with Andrew costing less.  Once through the gate, we had a several mile more drive to the road that runs east-west along the south rim.  The section of that road that is the main place to view the canyon is about 2 miles long.  We followed poor signage (a consistent feature of national parks out west, it seems) to a visitor center, where Josiah and Dad checked in for their gonga hike the next day, and a friendly ranger answered their questions and gave some advice.

16.  We still hadn’t had so much as a glimpse of the canyon itself, and it was about 5:00 PM, so we went outside and followed another lack of signs and EVENTUALLY came to an overlook, and there it was – THE GRAND CANYON!!!.  All I can say is WOW; it’s huge and gorgeous.  We only stayed a few minutes then, b/c we were all tired and hungry.

17.  Drove back through the village (as the touristy section of the park on the south rim is called) and with effort located our lodge (Maswik Lodge) where Dad checked us in while we waited in the car.

18.  Drove back out of the park (20 min drive) to the spot-in-the-road town of Tusayan, where we ate at a place creatively called “We Cook Pizza.”  Pretty good.

19.  Back into park again (initial receipt good for 7 days) and to Maswik Lodge.  It was Sun night and Jo and Dad would hike down very early Mon morning, so there was much to prep and pack.  They’d hike up Tues, and then we would drive on toward Mesa Verde.  We had originally planned 3 nights at Maswik, but Dad had decided to just do two, assuming that the day they came up they would not be too exhausted and could drive 4-5 more hours.  Sounded ambitious to me, but. . .

20.  Ended up a good thing to only be at Maswik two nights, b/c when we got in the room (it was nearly 90 outside and more than that inside), there was no A/C; just two oscillating fans.  Now, I know you’re very used to that, but on a vacation we were not.

21.  You can’t imagine the unloading, hauling, unpacking, and repacking that then ensued in that sweltering room.

(typing this in hotel room in CO Springs, only when we’re here – rarely – and Dad doesn’t need his computer)

to be continued…




1 Response to “Wild West Vacation #13 +”

  1. 1 Andrew Roberts October 6, 2010 at 4:51 pm


    That’s “We Cook Pizza AND Pasta!”


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