Christmas cards?

One of my special little pleasures in life is Christmas cards.  I like to send’ em and I like to receive ’em.  Shoot, we decorate our living room and dining room with Christmas cards every year.  But this year, for the first time in my LIFE, I am thinking of skipping the Christmas cards.  Sigh.

For one thing, they are expensive, especially when your mailing list is as large as ours.  Postage is not going down, either.  In fact, on January 2, it’s projected to go up to $0.46 for a one ounce letter – or a Christmas card.  However, even the cost is not the main factor.  What wearies me is the challenge of trying to find cards I really like that look the way I think Christmas cards should look and say what I want them to say, all at a decent price.

Besides, having a compulsion for doneness, I don’t like to wait till they show up in Christian bookstores, because frankly, it takes a long time to sign all those cards.  It’s easier for me to get started on it around, say Halloween (or Veteran’s Day, at the latest), and do them little by little.  I prefer to order them online, but some years – despite my best efforts – I just cannot find what I want.

All that to say that our friends and family will be hearing from us in mid-December, but it may just be a newsy family letter on nice stationary.  Or, maybe this will be the month I find the perfect cards.  = )


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