“Why, Mommy, why?”

1.  Why is it still so stinkn’ hot here (88 degrees and humid) in the third week of September, when it was 47 degrees at 7:00 AM on September 3rd?

2.  Why can I remember to wash and dry the sheets and towels but not remember to fold them?

3.  Why does Andrew spend the day YEARNING to get his chores and academics done so he can go out and play, and then sit staring at Josiah’s computer once his work is finished?

4.  Why is it so easy for me to play a certain piano piece, but so very difficult for me to memorize it?

5.  Why do my tomatoes ALWAYS suffer from nearly fatal early blight, then a couple months later grow healthy vines months so high above the dead ones that there’s no way to support them as they resume setting fruit?

6.  Why are our favorite shirts the ones that are most tedious to iron?

7.  Why must the moles raise their tunnels in the nicest looking parts of the yard?

8.  Why are damp towels destined to be left in places where they cannot possibly dry out and which will therefore smell nasty as a result?

Just wondering.


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