Saw a turtle!

I always pause on my final pass over the Bull Creek bridge to stretch my calf muscles and see if I can spot any soft-shell turtles.  Throughout the summer, it’s a rare day when I don’t see at least one; sometimes as many as three or four, of various sizes ans species.  However, after a frog-strangling flood of a rain, I often won’t see any turtles for a week or two.  I am assuming that they just get washed downstream a ways and it takes them a while to return to their old stomping (or swimming) grounds (or waters).

So, it rained like crazy a couple weeks ago, right after our vacation, and I haven’t seen a single turtle since before the vacation, which was about a month ago.  Sometime in the fall – and I’m thinking it’s sometime in September – they just disappear and I don’t get to see any turtles till the spring, so I had assumed they were just done for this year.  But this morning, I spied a big guy underwater, nosing around in the leaves right at the near edge of the creek.  Hooray for turtles!  They make me smile.  = )


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