Strong flowers

Often, if one of my flowers grows well enough, it ends up hanging over its bed or container.  I guess those could be considered flowers with hangovers.

Today I needed to gently move some of those types so that Andrew could adequately weed-eat around the beds.  When I got to the massive marigold (one plant produced from one seed) in the mailbox bed, I was careful to lift it gently, because marigold stems can get woody and be easily breakable.

I was shocked (and perhaps slightly embarrassed?) to find that I couldn’t lift it at all. Its overhang seemed to be stuck to the ground.  In fact, I ended up actually tugging firmly on the silly plant, but to no avail.  It turns out that the little beast had sprawled out onto the grass and lain there so long – the yard hadn’t been mowed for almost a month – that the stems had evidently sent down runner roots into the ground.  It had affixed itself firmly to the ground and could not be lifted even the slightest bit.  I didn’t even know marigolds could do that!

That’s not blooming where you’re planted; it’s planting where you bloom.  = )


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