Dare I admit to feeling on top of things?

Since returning from our grand western vacation, I have felt like I am scrambling to try to get back into a routine and be productive.  Then, a week after that, we went camping for three days with our church group, and between unpacking the vacation and getting the house cleaned up and caught up, and prepping and packing for the camping trip, I seemed to meet myself coming and going, but didn’t even have time to talk to myself as I went by!

The past couple days I have done better at disciplining myself to stay off the computer except when necessary, DEALING with stuff instead of dropping it, and keeping up with housework, laundry, cooking, and the boys’ academics.   This morning God gave me a bonus:  it was a day when I needed to do major garden watering (read:  ~ 35 minutes), but it RAINED this morning!  Only lightly so I could do my morning walk, but then heavy enough that I didn’t have to do any watering.  It was a gift of 35 extra minutes in my day, which let me do some writing – including this post.  I also practiced the piano today, but I’m still woefully unprepared for my first lesson tomorrow.  That’s okay.  I will do my best and that will be good enough.


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