Despite its being my dad’s birthday month, which is a very good thing because my dad is a VERY good dad, August is my least favorite month of the year.  In my opinion, it just has too many strikes against it.

1.  It’s hot.

2.  It’s humid.

3.  Children leave for college.  (also a good thing, but sometimes a challenging adjustment for those “left behind”)

4.  Some of the trees begin dropping their leaves.

5.  Spiders begin building webs.

6.  It’s humid.

7.  It’s hot.

The heat and humidity remind me to be thankful for A/C.

The return trips to college remind me that God has blessed us with special kids who have much potential and bright futures.

The leaf dropping and web building kindle dread in me, because they foreshadow that dead and depressing fall season that I dislike.   It’s not as bad as August, but it lasts a lot longer.  However, they also make me thankful that we can live where there ARE seasons!

The humidity makes me thankful that I don’t live in a desert like my friend, Danette.

The heat. . . can I think of anything positive about the heat?  Well. . . it makes for great swimming in the creek!


1 Response to “August”

  1. 1 Katie August 14, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    Yes… except that when the heat turns the creek into a hot tub, it doesn’t make for particularly good swimming!

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