Just peachy

Last Friday night, Scott and the boys and I came home from our group meeting, and there was an index card taped to the breezeway door that said, “Mom!”  and at the bottom was the word ” over” with an arrow to the right.   After we hauled in all our stuff, I went back, grabbed the note, turned it over, and read the following:

NEWS FLASH!  I have a mom that’s great,
one who I sure appreciate.
To make sure this she’s realized,
a treasure hunt I have devised.
The first clue’s where all hunts must start:
in the wooden box that’s a work of art.

I was stunned.  I have spent the past fourteen years writing rhyming clues for children’s birthday treasure hunts, but I don’t think anyone’s ever done one for me!  I was really excited!  About that time Katie showed up in the living room, grinning.  She had worked late at Silver Dollar City and so hadn’t been able to attend the group with us.

I then followed the following clues around the house:

You know, my mom is really great.
One way I know that, is the care she takes
to make sure we have all we need
for when we hurt, or burn, or bleed.

My mom loves photos and she takes
lots and lots, for memories’ sake.
Some of the best we proudly display
In a frame that changes throughout the day.

Yesterday we played a game
of state fun facts and presidents’ names.
I played my best, but I’m sorry to say
my mom BEAT me, at the end of the day!

Because my time is drawing short
this treasure hunt I must abort.
But I’ll give you one more clue before the end.
Look where abandoned items we send.

I know my mom loves me a bunch
because she bought me junk food and things for lunch.
I thought that I’d return the favor
With ice cream in her favorite flavor.

BOY HOWDY!!  When I read that final clue, I made a beeline for the freezer, hardly daring to believe that it might possibly, just maybe, was I dreaming. . . ?  YES!  A big bowl of peach ice cream was sitting there staring me in the face.   Ahhhhh!

I told Katie that that ice cream reminded me of David’s the water from the well at Bethlehem – but that I wasn’t about to pour it down the disposal.   = )  Instead, I sampled one long, luscious, sweet, creamy spoonful, and saved the rest for a future treat.  Then I asked her how on earth she had gotten the ice cream home.

While employed at the City, Katie got a discount on food and merchandise, so at the end of her shift, in 95 degree heat, she carried her lunch bag from the break room (at the lower back end of the park), hiked up to Hannah’s Ice Cream Parlour (on the square at the top of the park near the front entrance), and bought me a big bowl of peach ice cream.  Note that Hannah’s is the ONLY place I know of that always sells peach ice cream.

She placed the bowl in the insulated lunch box and walked quickly (I don’t think employees are supposed to run on park) back down most of the length of the park and out to her car in the employee lot.  The car was roasting hot, surely well over 110 degrees after sitting there all day, so she cranked the air on full blast, set it to blow on her feet, positioned the lunch box in the passenger floor well, and (I surmise) put the pedal to the metal, so to speak. She then drove slightly faster than the speed limit in order to get the peachiness home more quickly than the seventeen minutes that full compliance with MODot regulations would require.

Tearing into the house, she shoved the partially melted prize into the freezer and proceeded to write and hide the above clue.  I don’t know when I have felt so loved and special.  Thank you, Katie!


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