The good, the bad, and the questionable

Good:  Prop C passed by a large margin.  Three cheers for Missouri voters refusing to be controlled by an irrational and un-American federal health insurance mandate!

Bad:  MO State Senator Jack Goodman, who was competing with seven other Republicans for the Republican nomination to Roy Blunt’s U.S. Congress seat, lost to Billy Long.  I hope Mr. Long does a good job, but I KNOW Mr. Goodman would have been an excellent Congressman.  He has served us so well in the State Senate, and he’s a man who is not afraid to stand for what is right.  I pray that he and his family will not give up and will continue to be able to represent us in the future.

Really Bad:  Incumbent Taney County Presiding Commissioner Chuck Pennel was defeated in his bid for re-election by 146 votes (out of 8264 total votes cast).  He lost to Ron Houseman 39.98% to 38.21%.  Life’ll be a bit less stressful for Chuck and his family now, but it’s a severe loss for Taney County.  We will miss his common sense, cheerful demeanor, and integrity – not to mention his eight-foot yellow sign by our flower bed.

Questionable:  Roy Blunt handily won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.  While I do believe Mr. Blunt to be a man of conservative Christian conviction, I am concerned that he may not stand as firm on some issues as I think he should.  I will continue to keep him (and all our government officials) in my prayers.


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