Funnest day

We ended July with a bang.  In the morning, Scott and Andrew went with Katie to help clean.  Scott cleaned bathrooms, something he hasn’t practiced a great deal in recent decades.  I think he has new appreciation for the term, “spotless.”  = )

The goal was for Katie to get finished early, so that we five could do something fun and familyish on one of our final times together this summer, and we decided to go to Silver Dollar City!  This was a somewhat strange decision, because Katie has spent her entire summer working and sweating there (why would she want to go THERE for fun?) and because (due to the crowds) we generally choose to avoid the City on Saturdays like the plague.  However, I brought Josiah from the north, and Scott brought Katie and Andrew from the south, and we did thence converge at Thunderation.

Following a meal at the Lumber Camp (those fried potatoes with cheese sauce were supreme), we hit a number of rides (Wildfire, swings, Regatta), enjoyed soaking passersby at the new water ride, saw the second-longest SDC line in my memory (American Plunge), met a number of Katie’s co-workers, got the inside scoop on a wide variety of things SDC, and created a major fiasco at the taffy shop.

Back at home, we (Katie and Andrew vs. Scott and Patty) played bridge until our scheduled 8:15 PM Skype video call with Jessica.  It’s always wonderful to see her face and hear her voice, and we talked for a few minutes until Walnut Shade Mom had the singularly brilliant idea to play bridge with Jessica!  She was partnered with Katie, so we set up Josiah’s laptop at Jessica’s place, and Jo held her cards in front of his webcam.  By folding the screen (and hence the webcam) down at a certain angle, she was able to see the board and the play, and when it was her turn, she’d tell Josiah which cards to play.  Very fun!  And their threesome beat out duet.

All in all, it was a special and memorable family day and night.


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