So much to write; so little time

I am not doing very well at keeping my blog updated and I do apologize to both of my loyal readers.

Jessica is away on a mission trip right now and many people are praying for her.  My role in that project is to keep them informed and inspired to pray for her regularly, so I’ve been trying to send Jessica news emails several times a week.  Then we have our regular weekly (or bi-weekly, or monthly, or whenever. . .) ministry email update to write.  Scott used to write them and I’d proofread them and send them, but lately I seem to be writing them.  Generally, when a lot is happening with the ministry, those are written weekly, and right now, there’s stuff happening.

The Jessica and ministry updates are two writing projects that I do because I like to do them and because they are my small contribution to ministry, but the thing I am really enjoying more than all that is writing emails and letters to Jessica to keep her updated on what’s happening with the family here at home while she’s on the other side of the world.  So I have been writing her several times a week.

All that to say. . . what with Jessica updates, ministry updates, and letters to Jessica, (A), I don’t have much time left to write blog posts, and (B), I can’t remember what I’ve already written to whom in what setting, and since I fear I might be repeating myself (which would be boring for both loyal blog readers), I often can’t think of anything “new” to blog about, and so I just don’t do blog at all.

Here are a few family tidbits. . .

1.  Katie will be working 13 hour days for “Moonlight Madness” at SDC this week and and a half.    I think she will work there through about August 5, which is when her roommate flies in for a short visit before they drive together (well, realistically Katie will drive and Amy will sleep) back to PHC on August 9-10.  Katie is getting tired and is very ready for this summer of  intense work (six full days a week all summer, except for one week when she had two days off) to be over.  I think she’s thankful to be able to earn the money, and having two different jobs has helped break up the potential monotony of running kiddie rides continually, but she says she’s going to go back to college so she can rest and relax!

2.  Scott made pancakes this morning, and because some of them were chocolate chip, Katie actually got up early and ate breakfast before going to clean.

3.  Josiah LOVES his new computer.  He saved up forever, researched it to death, and then took the plunge.  As best I can tell, no buyer’s remorse so far.  He also – after having had the checking account for two-and-a-half years – finally ordered checks.  I think it had something to do with Scott buying the computer on Scott’s credit card and then asking Josiah to write him a check for it, but Josiah had no checks. . .

4.  Today on the way home from church, I took my afternoon diuretic as I always do, just a few minutes after we left church.  It’s 45 minutes home, and that usually works out just peachy.  But today, there was a train, a LONG train, at the 65/60 interchange.  Not a good sign for a rapidly filling bladder.  Given that, I knew I couldn’t drive straight home, but I was pretty sure I could make it to Saddlebrooke without exploding.  We tooled along for a number of miles, and then suddenly, just north of Busiek, everything ground to a halt.  Miles of traffic in both lanes sat there for some ten minutes. the discomfort increase, but what to do?  We assumed there must be a bad accident somewhere ahead of us, but we had no way to know how far ahead, how bad, or when the traffic would move again.  I began scanning the rocks and grass beside the road for any signs of possible cover.  Absolutely nothing, and of course, hundred of people sitting there in plain sight.   Suffice it to say that once the long lines of cars finally began moving again, I was lead-footing it to Saddlebrooke, and I almost body slammed a cute three-year-old girl as I made a beeline for a stall.  Nuff said.

4.  Scott and Josiah are currently have dueling laptops at the dining room table as they research our upcoming Colorado vacation.  So far it looks to include a visit to Royal Gorge, an overnight hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (Scott and Josiah), a whitewater rafting expedition somewhere in Colorado (Scott and Andrew), and climbing at least one, probably two, and possibly three of Colorado’s “fourteeners” – 14,000 ft+ peaks – (Scott, Josiah, and possibly Andrew).  I’m going to make sandwiches, provide shuttle service, do laundry, and take LOTS of pictures!

My moment of beavish joy today came when Scott said, “I have a topographical map that shows all three of these peaks and the trails to them!!!”  That would be the map of the Georgetown / Guanella Pass area that debated about buying on one of our winter trips there.  I really wanted to buy it, because I liked the area so much and I enjoy good maps.   But I didn’t want to buy it because it seemed awfully expensive.  It was high because it’s printed on some kind of semi-plastic-ish extra durable paper.  As it turns out, it will hold up well without tearing when they do this mountain climbing.  I was SO pleased to have on hand exactly what he needs.

More could be said, but I’m out of writing time.


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