MORE flowers!

Last night, one of my special friends GAVE me about 18 lovely flowers to beautify our yard!  She presented me with a big tray of potted flowers, all in full bloom.  There were eight Rudbeckia (black-eyed susans) in three inch pots, four hot pink vinca, and six pale pink vinca.  She said they came from the C of O nursery, and we all know that all the plants from the C of nursery are uncommonly healthy and vigorous, so I have the highest expectations for these flowers.

This morning I planted all of them.  They are scattered among the big be, a few of the pale pink vincas are in the mailbox bed, and a few of each kind are in the pots along the front walk.  I even planted some in the “window” box where my beloved red pepper plants has died.  No sense having empty dirt when it could support something lovely.

I have also picked about half a dozen tomatoes, and, other than being cracked and therefore unsightly, they are QUITE delicious.  Considering what has been spent on their production, this is as it ought to be.  (Righteousness, but that’s an inside joke.)

In addition to that, our neighbor GAVE us an enormous, old-fashioned (that means long, striped, and with seeds) watermelon that weighs about 45 pounds (!!!) and a canteloupe that is as big as a basketball.  No, he didn’t grown them, but he was buying ones for his own family at a stand somewhere and thought of us.  I’m going to cut the canteloupe for breakfast, and I think we’ll share part of the watermelon with some 50 (?) of our friends at a cookout tomorrow afternoon.  It’s gonna be hot, but not nearly as hot as where Jessica is in SE Asia with no A/C.


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