Fun family times

Realizing that today (Sunday) would be the last time we’d all six be home together till – I’m guessing – Thanksgiving weekend, Scott decided that we’d spend this afternoon and evening doing fun family things.  The theory is that we’d each pick something and we’d all do that thing together for some 30 minutes.  There was some overlap, and some members didn’t have a particular desire.

We began by biking to Big Rock (Josiah graciously walking and running, as we were one bike short) and swimming.  We surveyed the kids’ new dam, which, in low water was holding the swimming hole almost a foot higher than the waters downstream (!!!), played frisbee, talked, and laughed.  Andrew dove off Big Rock, Katie jumped, Josiah scratched C# code on an underwater rock (much to the local fish population’s dismay), and Jessica kept us all entertained with miscellaneous commentation.

Back home we did some prep for a cookout supper and then played Wizard, which unfortunately ended up being a bust because of Andrew’s attitude.  During the seventh round, a storm appeared to be brewing  – that would be a meteorological one, in addition to the one around the dining room table – so Scott and Josiah dashed outside and carried the grill full of burning coals from the backyard to the front porch.  The storm deluged us less than two minutes later!  My Hero was then able to grill our chicken, brats, and kielbasa under cover, while Jessica’s creamy cheese potatoes baked in the oven.  Yum.

After supper, we had planned to go see the fireworks at C of O, but we called around and learned that the storm had canceled that show.  Not to be thwarted, Katie suggested that we spend some time with the kids asking the parents questions about their (the parents’) growing up years and the parents sharing stories of said.  That ended up being a lot of fun for all, and I think our investment in togetherness was time well spent.


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