Getting progressive

In approximately one week, I should be able to see clearly – to read, to play the piano, to use my computer, and to drive.  I have actually been able to do the latter all along, but the bifocals I got in October 2008 (which only let me read and drive, NOT play the piano or use the computer) became essentially non-functional in April 2009.  Actually, the DAY I got them, I came home and realized I couldn’t see my monitor clearly.  I called back to Sam’s optical, explained this very serious problem, and was told that I would need to buy another pair of glasses designed specifically for that mid-range focus.  I did, and for about six months, I flipped between two pairs of glasses while working at my desk.

As mentioned, the situation progressed to the point that neither the near nor mid lenses gave me a clear view of life, so I took to doing all my deskwork without wearing ANY glasses.  This made my eyes tired and achy.

In recent weeks, I have decided I could stand it all no longer, so My Hero told me to go and get the situation fixed.  I did that today at Pearle Vision, and in about a week, I should receive my new Kodak progressive lenses.  Assuming I can successfully adapt within two to three weeks to the absence of lines, I will be able to keep ONE pairs of glasses on my face ALL DAY and see clearly to perform all my necessary and desired tasks!  If I can’t adapt, they will – at no additional charge – make me a pair of standard lined trifocals.

I am choosing not to feel old.


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