Back to Us Four and No More

Go Cardinals!

Katie and Jessica are on their way to St. Louis for Katie’s birthday present ball game.  We do hope the Cardinals win, and may Albert hit a big one.  Their jaunt does, however, leave Team Roberts on the small side.  I’m working on getting used to the concept, as we will have some three months of foursomeness this fall, and I’m trying to look on the bright side.

Let’s see. . . the grocery bill will be lower and we’ll always have an ample supply of leftovers.  (Most of my main dish recipes serve 6-8.)  I won’t have to try – though it’s always futile attempt – to keep the boys quiet when Jessica tries to sleep in.  There won’t be any arguing over van seating, as no one will have to sit in the far back.

While Katie will surely be having a great, challenging, and fully-scheduled semester, and Jessica will be having the awesome ministry adventure(s) of her life, the above positives are the only ones I can come up with right now for those of assigned to keep things going on the home front.

Note:  I said something to Katie yesterday about how for her, driving to St. Louis is like falling off a log.  She gave a little grin and said, “St. Louis is almost home.”


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