We have a saying in our family that, “communication is the key to life, marriage, and ministry – and bridge.”  Realizing that, I’m not sure why I completely failed to communicate on this issue.

I have become somewhat of a fanatic at planting seeds and trying to grow things.  About three weeks ago, when I realized that I had some various flower seeds still unplanted and so went out to plan them, I also came across some sunflower seeds I had saved in 2008.  Not wanting them to go to waste, I shoved a few of them into a some spots of dirt in the entirely unprepared LAWN beside the smokehouse (a.k.a. “Mom’s Garden Shed).

I watered the ground there every few days, and it a week, I had three nice sunflower plants popping up.  I was pretty jazzed.  Last time I watered (four or five days ago) they were almost six inched high.  Not too shabby for absolutely NO prep and NO care besides a little water!

This morning, it was time to lightly water my garden.  I call it my garden, even thought it’s really two flower beds out front, one dogwood twigette next to the driveway, and a series of mismatched containers spread all over the side yard and front walk.

I went first to water the sunflowers and as shocked and slightly embarrassed to discover that they were GONE.  Completely invisible.  No evidence (there in the grass and weeds) that they had ever existed. That was rather discouraging, especially coming on the heels of my killing one of the dogwood twigettes a few days ago.  (I went to pull back the mulch which keeps trying to slide down around its little base, and I bumped the twigette, snapping it off in my hand.  Boo hoo.)

Upon closer examination of the place where the baby sunflowers used to be, I noticed that someone had evidently mowed or weed-eated the entire area next to the smokehouse.  This is supposed to be done each week with the mowing, but obviously hasn’t happened in recent weeks.  I called out our lawn care experts and pointed out that there HAD been some tiny sunflower plants in that very nondescript section of yard.  I told them I was going to replant said and put a piece of PVC pipe (doesn’t EVERYONE have pieces of PVC pipe lying around his yard?) along the area in question to delineate the potential sunflower home.

They were agreeable, so this afternoon, I actually took trowel to turf and dug up a a tiny “bed” for my second sowing of sunflower seeds.  They are watered, set apart, and happy.  May they sprout, and may I remember to communicate clearly to those I love on the matters that matter to me!


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