Shoe shopping

Jessica went to (help with?  deliver things to?) the AIM mission trip training camps after church today.  Once her mission there was accomplished, she went somewhere to do some shopping for her upcoming Hong Kong trip, and Scott met her there (to advise her?  to help her?  to pay for something?).  As you can see, I don’t know much.

Then the phones – both house and cell – started ringing.  It went something like this:

Scott called my cell to ask me if I need him to buy Andrew new dress shoes, because wherever they are is having some great sale.  Andrew had mentioned on the way to church this morning that his dress shoes (black, which he wears for church and for AIM – where solid black shoes are a requirement) are way too tight.  He is clearly entering his growth spurt.  I remember this season with Josiah.  It’s where you buy new shoes and new jeans every three weeks, no matter what.

At the time, I was simultaneously on the phone with a friend who has serious marriage issues.  I told Scott I’d get off that call, go look in the shoe box in the playroom to see if there were any dress shoes (preferably black) that Andrew could use), and call him right back.

I got off the call, had Josiah go find Andrew who was out mowing, met with Andrew in the playroom, found one super nice pair of light brown suede lace-ups that Andrew can wear to church (size no longer decipherable) and one pair of dark brown penny loafers that I had him try on, just to figure out what size he’s in.  Men’s 8, but he DOES NOT like penny loafers.  Duly noted.

I called Scott back to tell him that Andrew could use a pair of black lace-up dress shoes in (at least for the month of June) a size 8, that he has brown dress shoes that fit but needs a pair of totally black ones for AIM, and that he DOES NOT like penny loafers.  My call was – of course – forwarded, so I left that message on Scott’s voice mail.

Some twenty minutes later, having received no call back from Scott, I called Jessica – who answered – and asked her to ask Dad if he had received my voice mail.  He had not, so I repeated to her all the information pertaining to Andrew’s black, non-penny loafer dress shoes, size 8.  I felt that my task was done.

Until Scott called me to ask about black dress shoes for Andrew.  Did he need dress shoes?  walking shoes?  dress shoes like Scott wears to work?  What about some nice black penny loafers?  Uh, let’s see. . . yes, no, maybe, and definitely not.  He DOES NOT like penny loafers.  And what size does he need?  Well, today he needs an 8, but you could get him an 8.5 or 9 and let them be a little big and last longer.  Scott said he found some great ones, but they were $70 (!!!) and he really didn’t want to pay that much.  Noted.  He then asked how much would it cost if I just got them at Wal-Mart.  I told him that you can’t buy shoes at Wal-Mart any more.  That they have no selection and there aren’t any shoes there to buy.  That if he doesn’t see any that will work at wherever he is, I will just take Andrew some other time and we’ll drive all over till we find a pair of black dress shoes.  He said okay and we hung up.

Less than three minutes later, Scott called back to talk to Andrew.  Who was still out mowing, so I once again sent Our Trusty Llama to find his younger brother.  I guess Scott and Andrew talked, but I didn’t hear that conversation.

Thankfully, my phone did come back to me, and about four minutes later, Scott called it, asking to speak with Josiah.  Whom I located in the first floor and who then came up and talked at length with his dad about shoes.  At least I think it was about shoes, because the end of the conversation that I heard included comments like “size 11” and “the last time – well the only time I bought expensive shoes” and “turned out well”  and “sounds good.”

Now the phone hasn’t rung for at least ten minutes.  What can this mean?  Did Scott and Jessica actually find some gonga-deals?  Are they standing in line to pay for 15 pairs of shoes; all at “buy two, get three free” pricing?  Are they perhaps already on their way(s) home?  Will Scott get here in time to start the fire and grill the meat he asked to have for supper and have it all ready by 6:00 PM, which is when he asked Katie to be home?  (It’s now 5:35 PM.)

These are the questions that intrigue me as my husband and daughter shop till they drop in their quest for a steal-of-a-deal on shoes.

PS – The phone just rang again.  It was Scott for Josiah, but I don’t think it was about shoes.  It sounded more like a charcoal starting kind of a call.

PPS (written several hours later) – Scott and Jessica arrived home at 6:30 PM with one pair of tennis shoes for Josiah, two pairs of shoes for Jessica, and LOTS of amazingly great gear for her Hong Kong trip, but no black non-penny-loafer dress shoes for Andrew (size 8).  It looks like that particular shopping jaunt will fall to Walnut Shade Mom.


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