The single-wide next door

I wasn’t here to see its arrival, but evidently a trailer was pulling a single-wide mobile home down the highway and one of its wheels fell off!  Somehow they got it backed into the Casa de Luz parking lot next door, where it has been leering at me for two days.

It’s on the far side of the building, but it’s a really old, dilapidated mobile.  Quite the eyesore.  I don’t know how long it will live there, but I’m hopeful that someone will fix its wheel and haul it away soon.

Lots of things get left around here.

Stray dogs.

Stray cats.

Stray people.  (We had a mentally ill young man who had just gotten out of jail walk from Forsyth and sleep on our porch swing a couple weeks ago.  We fed him breakfast, and Josiah called his mom and then talked with him about Jesus till his mom arrived from Springfield to pick him up.)

Stray vehicles.  (The other day, a man’s truck broke down and he wanted to leave it in our driveway over Memorial Day weekend.   We weren’t too keen on that idea, so Scott let him use a phone book  – “they” always give us lots of different ones, but we never use them – and he was able to call someone to get it towed off.

So I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised at a stray mobile home.


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