Can I claim that I taught her how to drive?

This evening, Katie came home from working at Silver Dollar City on Memorial Day Sunday and said that she’d gotten to do something new and different at work today.  No, it wasn’t cleaning up a “spill”  (SDC term for puke patrol).

Because of lightning, the rides closed for a while this afternoon, with the result that a lot of people left the park.  Since she was not needed to run rides at that time, she was told to go up to the main entrance area and help with crowd control.  Arriving there, someone in authority asked if she had a driver’s license (yes), and told her to bring up cars from valet parking. I was suitably impressed.

She said she got to drive some really nice cars.  Our own cars are more than adequate, but even though we own a small fleet of them, none of them would be considered “really nice.”  I’m glad she got to spend a few minutes in some luxury mobiles.


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