Comings and goings

Today is Wednesday, which is my standard wild running day.  In fact, Jessica recently unearthed a journal of hers from many years ago, in which she referred to a certain Wednesday as “rush day.”  It took us a moment to figure out that reference.

Anyway, I am geared THIS morning to take Andrew to piano, go to the grocery, go to the bank, retrieve Andrew, and go home.  Later THIS afternoon, I will go to my piano lesson, come home and get the kids, and go to Springfield for library, supper, and church.  But yesterday was Tuesday (normally a home day), and it involved my driving Scott’s car to Ozark for a front end alignment on the van (stopping at Wal-Mart on the way for some peat pots my tomatoes and flowers need – they didn’t have any!), Jessica driving the van to Ozark, us coming home in the Honda, my going to Wal-Mart in Branson to get the peat pots before they sold out, Josiah and I driving back to Ozark in the Honda to pick up the van, which I drove home, while he drove the Honda home, my taking Andrew to taekwondo in Hollister, and Jessica picking him up an hour later.

Thursday will also feature its share of travel.  Josiah needs a ride to the Salvation Army Church at 9:40.  I will take him in the van.  Jessica will drive the Toytota (no air, boo-hoo) in at 11:30.  I will take Andrew in at 1:00 PM, after which I may or may not go out to Silver Dollar City for a while.  Jessica will take Andrew from AIM to taekwondo (Josiah riding shotgun) and bring Josiah home.  Scott will meanwhile have arrived home from work with 15 minutes to wolf down supper before he leaves for a softball coaches meeting and softball practice.  Josiah will go back to pick up Andrew after taekwondo.

Friday the big kids leave sometime for the AIM leadership conference, and they will be gone till Sunday night.

I think just typing this out may be more involved than actually doing all the running!


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