Spin cycle broken

There are few things I enjoy more than carefully planning out a day, working really hard to get it all done, and then feeling like I’ve accomplished something.  This morning, I got up on time, read the Bible, walked, prayed, woke Andrew at 7:30 and dared him to beat me downstairs (he’s supposed to be down at 8:00 to eat breakfast), showered, got dressed, made the bed, and landed on the first floor at 7:57.  Not too shabby, huh?  And yes, I beat Andrew.  = )

Today was sheets and towels laundry day, and between all the bedding, bath towels, kitchen towels and cloths, bathroom rugs, scrub rags, and a few odd AIM gloves (where DO they all come from?), I had about five loads of laundry to tackle.  I was in the dining room, about to walk into the kitchen to sort all those heaps of laundry piled on the floor when Scott (already in the kitchen and trying to toast or microwave something) said, “Oh!  The power’s off!”

Now power outages do happen from time to time, but only rarely are they planned for – as on the green pole replacement day last December, for example.  I wasn’t concerned, but it would mean I might be a little delayed on the laundry front.  Not to worry.  It was also my Monday to iron, and the waiting shirts on the bar in the laundry room had obviously been involved in a little hanky-panky (there were 16 of them!)  But wait, only in Little House on the Prairie can you iron without electricity.  Well, there were all the breakfast dishes and a few leftover bigger items from our group dinner last night.  I could go ahead and start washing those; except that when the power goes out we also don’t have water, which means that we need to carefully ration what’s left in the tanks till the power comes back on.  Dishwashing would have to wait.

So, with none of the housework-y tasks possible, I stood in the kitchen, slowly turning in circles, trying to figure out what I COULD do.  Well, there’s always the academic planning stuff.  I’m often behind on that. . . but that would require my computer. . . hmmm. . .

Thankfully, a few outages back I got the brilliant idea to write the White River Valley Electric Cooperative outage reporting number on a sticky note and tape it to my computer.  (I used to have to look it up in the computer.  Duh. You get the idea.)  So I had access to the number, but couldn’t call it on our land line (which uses electricity).  I finally found my cell phone and tried to call, but only got a fast busy.  Fast busy.  That’s how I feel a lot of the time.

I did call my neighbor, Shelly, and she confirmed that the whole area was out, which made me feel better but did nothing to enhance my productivity.  I continued to wander around the house looking for things I could do, and lamenting all the work I had so neatly scheduled out for the day, but which was not getting done at all.  Sigh.  I also kept trying to phone White River, but never could get through.  I then called my friend and neighbor, LaShell, to ask her if she had already called about the outage (turns out she and another neighbor, Eva, both had), and while I was on the phone with her – tah-dah – the lights came on!

That was the end of my spin cycle, and once I was able to stop twirling and start focusing, I’m pleased to report that all five loads of laundry did get washed, dried (including all the bedding out on the line – smells WONERFUL), folded, and put away; the shirts all got ironed and put away; the boys completed their academics; and I got in 30 minutes of piano practice (now that’s what I should have done while the power was out!).

It’s been an exciting day in Walnut Shade – no power in the morning and fire by night.  No end to blog fodder around here.


1 Response to “Spin cycle broken”

  1. 1 dchilds October 4, 2010 at 6:38 am

    I must disagree with you Patty. We, in 2010, have done our ironing without electricity. It’s a coal iron. =)

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