Katie’s employed again, yet, and still

After a week of way too many job interviews (NOT her favorite spring break pastime), Katie has a couple of jobs lined up for the summer.  For full time joy, she’ll be operating rides in the Grand Exposition portion of Silver Dollar City.  Because SDC has long workdays, she expects to get in her 40-hour workweek in four days, which will leave her time to work another part time job, possibly at Cold Stone Creamery.  (Brings back memories of my own very first job, dipping ice cream at Baskin-Robbins.   Come to think of it, there may well be a genetic component; Scott dipped ice cream at a shop in York Beach, Maine.)

She also has applications pending at some other places, and there’s always a possibility that something will come of those, but unless it does, I think she’s pretty settled on the above-mentioned two-job combo.

Katie truly shines in an office setting, and while I don’t think SDC or Cold Stone will fully utilize her very best skills, I am sure that she will be one of the most dependable and productive workers either place has had in a long time!  Also, as it stands now, neither  Cold Stone nor SDC will quite match the hourly wage of her job last summer at VillaGIS,  but I think between the two of them (or whatever other job scenario she cobbles together) she will surely earn enough to make a solid dent in the fall college bill.

I’m really proud of her for her tenaciousness in the job search process, and I may well find myself spinning in teacups and eating ice cream more than I had planned to this summer.


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