Blooming and baking

Early this morning, our lone tulip showed the bare beginnings of two buds. Three hours later, those buds had formed, opened, and absolutely flown past the elegant shapely stage to that splayed-petal, wild-eyed frazzled look that tulips get when they go past their prime.  (That’s the same look I have when life around me shifts from fast to frantic.)  It was a quick show – the tulip, that is – and I’m a little miffed that I missed the main event.

Meanwhile, we still have a few remaining daffodils along the less trodden side of the front walk, but the most impressive display (also historically very short-lived) is the two plum trees along Coffee Road.  Yesterday they began blooming, but today they were in full glory.  They have such beautiful, delicate clusters of flowers, and they smell wonderful.  Unlike the Bradford pear, which also looks stellar, but whose blossoms stink to high heaven!  We only have the one pear tree (ornamental), but the foul stench makes me wonder how people who have them planted in long rows along driveways and sidewalks and such endure these couple weeks.  Actually, maybe Bradford pears would actually produce fruit if the bees could stand to get close enough to them to do the pollinating.  As it is, I’m sure any self-respecting bee avoids a Bradford Pear like the plague.

The plum trees are typically in bloom for only a day or two, and indeed, mid-morning today Jessica told me, “It’s raining plum blossoms!”  The wind has been terrific today, and it’s about 80 degrees now (4:30 PM).

In other news, Scott is leading a 6:00 AM Wednesday men’s meeting with some guys in our home group, and last week he took some of the pear muffins I had made.  Those went over pretty well – so I hear – and he’s wanting to have something yummy for the guys each week.  I made raisin bran muffins a few days ago, but muffins go so fast around here that I told him he’d better label and hide a stash of them, or they won’t exist by Wednesday morning.

That meeting has put me on the lookout for good muffin recipes, and today I whipped out a double batch of Hawaiian Banana Muffins.  We now have 46  muffins and one mini loaf, but I don’t know whether they are any good or not.  Although Scott taste-tested one, I haven’t yet heard the verdict.  Since it’s Tuesday evening, there should be some for him to take tomorrow and plenty left for us to enjoy – at least for a few days.


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