I have renewed admiration for that rare breed of person who teaches the SAME THING YEAR AFTER YEAR to yet another group of kids.  I am going through 5th grade math for the fourth time, and I can honestly say that if I never work even one more of these math problems, it will be too soon.

I have had kids who “get” math quickly, kids who understand math concepts but totally mess up mindless calculations, kids who dislike math but do it well, kids who don’t give a flying rip about math until forced to care, and now I have the kid who doesn’t like it, doesn’t care about it, AND has a very tough time remembering procedures and how to apply them to new problems.  Sigh.

This means that I get to work LOTS and LOTS of math problems with him, and frankly, I am weary of math.  I’m sure I will get over it, but tonight, please don’t show me any more challenging word problems.


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