Better time management needed

So far today, I have managed to:

* Read the Bible

* Walk and pray

* Shower

* Continually prod Andrew through his academics and chores

* Make some peanut butter brownies to take to our new next-door neighbors (if they ever stay home long enough for us to go over)

* Renew and print library lists

* Prepare Scott’s lunch

* Record a few homeschool hours

* Telephone two friends

* Update household financials in Quicken

* Enter ministry giving checks

* Pay one ministry bill and write thank yous

* Check Andrew’s math and Josiah’s algebra and review their corrections

* Flip the boys’ academics for tomorrow

However, things yet to be done include:

* Calling my mom (I haven’t talked to her in quite a while)

* Planning a week of supper menus

* Making the grocery list

* Practicing the piano

* Cooking supper (but that’s okay because Jessica volunteered to cook tonight!)

* Doing something productive in the yard in the warm weather

* Recording a lot of homeschool hours (I did a few, but need to do many more)

So, I need to organize my time better and be more disciplined.  No news there.


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